Lindsay & Jessie, Immaculate Conception Parish and Newburyport, MA

It’s amazing when things come together. Planning a long distance wedding isn’t easy but Lindsay and Jessie made it look absolutely easy. This couple was from San Francisco and they were married in the beautiful town of Newburyport, Massachusetts. They spent their morning getting ready at the Garrison Inn Boutique Hotel in Newburyport and it was the perfect venue for such a cute couple. It was also within walking distance to the Immaculate Conception Parish where the ceremony was held, so with her maids in tow, this beautiful bride made her way to the church. What made this day special and unique was the fact that Lindsay and Jessie walked each other down the aisle. It was a first for us to see but a beautiful moment all in its own because watching it; you knew that it would be a reflection of their marriage. The reception that followed was held on a boat but on the way, there was a chance encounter with another bride and we paused to capture the moment of joy that both were feeling that day.  The reception was a lot of fun; bubbles, love, dancing and a particularly nice pair of red shorts. The groom’s brother decided to show his wild side by shedding his suit – which made the day all that more memorable. With love as their captain and the future an ocean of possibilities, Lindsay and Jessie had a wonderful day to remember.

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